Instagram is saturated with the slim tea detox market, so therefore we reached out to a SHEpreneur , to give us her daily dose of the hustle.  Crystal Rodriguez gives us details on how her product differentiates from the rest. according to Crystal is all natural, organic and there’s no side effects.  Instagram’s brand partnership with celebs and influencers will make us the consumer swear their products work from the cosign, but it takes SHEpreneurs like Crystal to shed light on the organic side of things. 

Learn more about how Crystal Rodriguez, Founder of Visionary7 , Speaker Coach and Entrepreneur Consultant about her products in an over saturated market in the  interview, below!

What was the motivation that prompted you to change your lifestyle? And was it a difficult choice? 

My motivation was my separation from my husband. To separate after being together for 13 years was a difficult choice. However I knew if I stayed in the marriage I would end up in jail or possibly dead.

Our focus here at HERcultivation is the shepreneur and her passion, would you say healthy living / fitness is your passion? 

Yes healthy living and fitness is my passion. More than anything my passion is to help individuals understand no matter what they have experience in life they can still achieve there goals.

How do you keep your fitness training and healthy eating knowledge up to date?  

Good question, I read a lot and watch a lot of fitness and healthy eating articles. I research information about the body and the mind to help understand why losing weight is one of the hardest things for people to achieve.

We are aware of all the slim teas and body shapers on instagram, what differentiates your product from the rest? 

For starters the detox tea I promote is much different then the others as this tea actually kills the parasites and flushes out the toxins. All of the products I sell are natural and organic. A lot of the other products in the weight loss industry have bad side effects such as rapid heart beat and weight loss gain once you stop the supplements. None of the products have these effects.


What techniques do you use to increase your clientele?

Before and after pictures of myself, business partners and clients. Work out videos. Live videos about the products and the difference between other products.

What advice would you give to our aspiring fitness/ healthy lifestyle enthusiast shepreneurs? 

The advice I would give is everything starts with your mindset. Make sure your mindset is clear of all negativity and doubt. Once you know in your mind that nothing is never easy but you can achieve anything you put your mind too weight loss and fitness will become your best friend.


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Photographer Kathleen Nois