Once Again Sistah, Check Yo Self Woman! – Le’ Poem

He’s not the man who hurt

you, so why are you mistreating him and

causing him so much pain?. This shits to early in the game

to be comparing and blaming him, while screaming they all

the same. Are you insane? The man is already showing

signs of being drained as you misbehave. Are you his upgrade

or shame? Stop allowing your bitter friend to give you advise,

as you listen in vain, knowing you are to blame. why are you even

listening to them? What did he do, to deserve your complaints?

Leave the hurt and bury it in the dirt. Let him court

you, love you, and give him the chance to show you,

your worth. Oh he doesn’t do that? Is that a fact?

are you backtracking and attacking? Check yo self

woman, miss independent woman, miss I got it all

handled women, miss I don’t need no man woman,

he’s supposed to do this and that woman.

Once again Sistah, check yo self woman!

Now have you asked him about his relationship with God?

Allah? His Mom. Are you so self centered, that you don’t

see his efforts?. Have you asked him about his well being or

did your Tribe scream “F.ck his feelings”?

I got a couple of words for you meditate.pray.

grow spiritually refrain. fix yourself and cleanse all

your pain. Look up sista, your king awaits..