Otaku Gang Interactive Launches Gaming App “Get The Bag” With Host Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander

Chasing money just became a lot more fun thanks to the newest gaming App Get The Bag where you make your way through New York, London, Paris and Tokyo matching luxury gems, dollar bills and bags to win the ultimate prize, a gold moneybag. Reality TV star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander accompanies you as the host on your journey to Get The Bag.

Named for the pop culture term for securing money, wealth or financial security, Get The Bag is the newest addictive endeavor from Otaku Gang Interactive (OGI) . Host Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, winner of reality TV shows “I Love Money” and “Flavor of Love”, encourages players with accolades and cheers as she guides gamers to advance through the challenging levels of the game.


The game drops free-to-play across all smartphone and tablet platforms October 6 th . “I’m excited to step into the tech world and you can escape here too!! ” says Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, who will represent the game and feature challenge prizes to players throughout the year.

“Our obsession with modern technology and pop culture inspired the app and its host,” said John Gado Marcelin, head of business development at Legion of Creatives and co-founder of Otaku Gang In**teractive (OGI). “As in real life, we all aspire to achieve success and financial wealth. We know everyone will be enthralled by Get The Bag. Who better to show you how than the talented and charismatic Hoopz.”

Download Get The Bag here (www.GetTheBagGame.com) 10/06/17 GET THAT MONEY!!

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